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About Us

MENA ecotourism works to lay the foundations for developing local and regional environmental tourism in the Abraham Accords countries, with the cooperation and approvals of government ministry officials, embassies, and professionals.

MENA ecotourism is an engine for promoting water-diplomacy in the region, which raises the issue of 'water'- which is the most valuable natural resource, living in the driest region of the world. 

Inclusive environmental tourism development:

Branding outdoor eco-sightseeing adventures, storytelling training for local activists, embracing meetings with professionals and government officials in itinerary proposals, evaluating and adjusting VIP visits to national and private projects in the field of agriculture, climate-tech, renewable energies, environmental protection/marine conservation, water-tech.

We provide consulting and PR services for government ministries, environmental organizations, private and government tourism agencies. 

 The market for environmental tourism is directed toward shapers of public opinion, such as journalists and celebrities, senior government officials, community and faith leaders, academic institutions and student leaders.

The vision is to foster activities and local entrepreneurship in the aforementioned contexts while culturally referring to the challenges of each country, and emphasizing practical solutions on the ground. 

After mapping and analyzing all Abraham Accords countries, we will hold a strategic think-tank in order to build and create both local and regional ecotour packages.

Noam Bahrain

Noam Bedein's Vision

"The innovation of MENA's ecotourism development is in the application of existing sustainable tourism methods that aim to protect cultural heritage and contributes to the creation of income, employment and the preservation of local ecosystems.

I specialize in creating visual storytelling that shares a common value and the ability to create identification with the water environment, which has no boundaries and is a factor that shares us all and even unites us.

Shapers of public opinion at all levels will be inspired by experiencing the vision of a regional alliance for water sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa.  Its promotion and exposer will set an example and study case to the region and to the world."

Dead Sea Revival Project

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