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About Us

MENA Ecotourism focuses on developing local and regional environmental tourism in countries involved in the Abraham Accords. We work closely with government officials, embassies, and professionals to promote water diplomacy and address the significance of water as a vital natural resource in the region.

Our Services: MENA Ecotourism provides comprehensive environmental tourism development services. This includes branding outdoor eco-sightseeing adventures, offering storytelling training for local activists, arranging meetings with professionals and government officials to propose itineraries, and evaluating and adjusting VIP visits to national and private projects related to agriculture, climate-tech, renewable energies, environmental protection, marine conservation, and water-tech.

Our goal is to foster sustainable tourism and engage in water conservation efforts while strengthening relationships within the region through environmental initiatives.

Noam Bahrain

Noam Bedein's Vision

Noam Bedein's vision for MENA Ecotourism revolves around preserving the Dead Sea and developing it as a successful model for influencing public opinion and generating widespread exposure.

Through sustainable tourism methods, MENA Ecotourism aims to protect the Dead Sea's unique ecosystem and cultural heritage.

Bedein specializes in visual storytelling that connects people to the water environment, promoting understanding and unity.

By promoting a regional alliance for water sustainability, MENA Ecotourism seeks to inspire and influence public opinion leaders. The success of the ecotourism model in MENA can serve as a case study for driving positive change and creating mega exposure in ecological preservation.

Dead Sea Revival Project

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