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VIP Ecotourism

The concept of VIP Ecotourism involves providing analysis and PR services for various entities including government ministries, environmental organizations, private and government tourism agencies.

The target market for these services consists of individuals and organizations who have the ability to shape public opinion, such as journalists, celebrities, senior government officials, community and faith leaders, academic institutions, and student leaders.

The goal is to promote ecotourism and raise awareness about environmental initiatives in the region among influential stakeholders.

Our VIP Tours

  • Israel Water Ecotour
    Israel Water Ecotour
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Israel Eco-Tour 7- day Itinerary The following eco sightseeing sites will include: Exploration of national water treasure sites, national parks, wildlife encounters and water/underwater attractions Visits to clean water facilities, water-tech companies, and start-ups. Meetings with professionals
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We've been recognized by government officials, cultural and educational institutions. 

We have received requests to provide services for government ministries, leading travel and nature magazine publications.

We have now first requests for VIP first visits.

Our Endorsement Letters

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